Advised Thesis and Dissertations

PhD Dissertations:

Kim, J. J. (2009). Uncertainty quantification in serviceability of reinforced concrete structures. Link

Azarbayejani, M. (2010). Optimal sensor placement in structural health monitoring (SHM) with a field application on a RC bridge. Link

Soliman, E. (2011). New generation fiber reinforced polymer composites incorporating carbon nanotubes. Link

Sheyka, M. (2011). A homogenization approach for design and simulation of blast resistant composites. Link

Fan, T. (2012). Concrete microstructure homogenization technique with application to model concrete serviceability. Link

Jalalpour, M. (2012). Structural health monitoring of bolted joints using thermal contact resistance and ultrasonic signals. Link

Salas, C. (2014). The Trapeziometacarpal Joint: Tissue Characterization and Surgical Techniques for Treatment of Osteoarthritis. Link

Genedy, M., An Engineered Fit-For-Purpose Polymer Nanocomposite Seal for Wellbore Integrity, Fall 2018, Civil Engineering. Link (Distinction) 

Scherbarth, M., Engineering Viscolelastic Behavior of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Using Nanoparticles for Controlling Passive Deployment of Aerospace Structures, Fall 2018, Mechanical Engineering. Link

Chennareddy, R., Retrofit of Corroded Corrugated Metal Culverts Using GFRP Slip-Liner, Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering. November 2019, Civil Engineering. Link

MS Thesis: 

Horton, S., (2006). A Neural Wavelet Module for Intelligent Damage Detection in SHM.

Altunok, E. (2006). Fuzzy and possibility methods for damage detection in structural health monitoring. 2006. Link

Meshgin, P. (2006). Creep of epoxy at the concrete-fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) interface. 2006. Link

McCuskey, M. C. (2007). Structural damage classification using optimization of a neural-wavelet module and possibility fusion. Link

Farfan, G. B. (2008). Optimization of photonic crystals : methods and applications. 2008. Link

Salas, C. (2008). A biomechanical comparison of locking plates contrasted with intramedullary treatment of distal femur fracture. 2008. Link

Sheyka, M. (2008). Analytical and Experimental Investigations of Photonic Crystals for Sub-micron Detection. Link

Reinhardt, A. A. R. O. N. (2010). Macro and nanoscale creep of self-consolidating concrete. Link

Schnalzer, R. (2011). Acoustic bandgap sensors for hot-spot damage monitoring. Link

Girgoriev, M.M., (2011) Manufacturing Thin Composite Laminates for High Strain Testing and Nonlinear Elastic Constitutive Modeling.

Hays, J. (2011). Short & long term properties of self-consolidating concrete incorporating fly ash and local aggregate. Link

Grahn, R. (2011). Creep and fracture of self-consolidating concrete incorporating fly ash. Link

Foley, E. (2011). Synthesis and nano-mechanical characterization of calcium silicate hydrate (CSH). Link

Garner, A. P. (2011). Strengthening reinforced concrete slabs using a combination of CFRP and UHPC. Link

Aboubakr, S. (2013). Epoxy-clay nanocomposite for carbon fiber reinforced polymer applications. Link

Griffin, A. (2013). Significance of nanosilica incorporation in type G oil well cement pastes. Link

Neidigk, S. (2013). Detection and characterization of impact damage in carbon fiber aircraft fuselage structure. Link

Daghash, S. (2014).New Generation Polymer Concrete Incorporating Carbon Nanotubes. Link

Genedy, M. (2014). A New CFRP-UHPC System for Strengthening Reinforced Concrete T-Beams. Link

Begaye, M. (2014). Synthesis and Multi-Scale Characterization of Calcium Silicate Hydrate at Multiple CaO/SiO2 Mixture Ratios. Link

Brantley, J. (2015). A Biomechanical Analysis of One-Third Tubular Plates for the Treatment of Benign Lesions in the Distal Femur. Link

Peterson, M. (2015). High Shear Strain Characterization of Plain Weave Fiber Reinforced Lamina. Link

ChennaReddy, R. (2016). Significance of u-wrap FRP shear strengthening on flexural behavior of RC beams strengthened using near surface mounted FRP bars. Link

Trujillo, Nicole B. (2016). Mix design and mechanical characterization of stabilized compressed earth blocks and assemblies for the Jemez pueblo in New Mexico. Link

Borowski, E. C. (2017). Viscoelastic Effects in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Strain Energy Deployable Composite Tape Springs. Link

Garner, A. R. (2017). Viscoelastic behavior of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites incorporating nanomaterials . Link

Maadandar, M. (2017). A New Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite for Infrastructure Applications Using Recycled Carbon Fibers. Link

Douba, A. (2007). Mechanical Characterization of Polymer Concrete with Nanomaterials. Link

Rusch, C. Correlating Damage and Air Permeability of Concrete and Brittle Rock Using the Indirect Tension Test, Summer 2018 (TBD)

Leyba, J. Modeling Damage and Permeability in Concrete and Rock Using the Finite-Discrete Element Method, Summer 2018 Link

Starr, J., Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer-Modified Calcium Silicate Hydrate for Wellbore Applications, November 2019. Link