Conference Proceedings – 2017

Khan, A. I., Soliman, E., Reda Taha, M. M., “Finite Element Simulation of Stiffener Free Composite Panels with Carbon Nanotubes”, Proceedings of American Society for Composites 32nd Technical Conference, West Lafayette, Indiana, October 2017.

Taha, E.O., Kandil. U. F., Emiroglu, M., Reda Taha, M. M., “Carbon Nanoparticles to Monitor Damage Propagation in GFRP”, Proceedings of SMAR 2017, Fourth Conference on Smart Monitoring, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Civil Structures, Zurich, Switzerland, September 2017.

Chennareddy, R., Kandil. U. F., Reda Taha, M. M., “Improving Strength and Durability of GFRP Composites Using Carbon Nanotubes”, Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Construction and Rehabilitation of Structures, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, July  2017.

Trujillo, N., Emiroglu, M. I., Bowen, T., Stormont, J., Reda Taha, M. M., “Stabilized Compressed Earth Blocks for Sustainable Construction on the Jemez Pueblo”, Proceedings of 14th Canadian Masonry Conference, May 2017, Halifax, NS, Canada, 2017.

Aly, S., Kannan, D., El-Dieb, A., Reda Taha, M. M., Abu-Eishah, S., “Ceramic Waste Powder, an Alternative Ingredient for Green Concrete”, Proceedings of ISEC-9: Resilient Structures and Sustainable Construction, Pellicer, E et al. Eds., July 2017, Valencia, Spain, 2017.