Amin Najvani, P.E.
PhD, Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico (UNM), Present
MSc, Civil Engineering, University of Kansas (KU), 2016
BSc, Civil Engineering, 2011

Research Interests :
Structural Engineering
Structural Mechanics
Engineering Materials

Shreya Vemuganti
Graduate Research Assistant, (PhD)
MS, Civil Engineering, UNM (2015)
BE, Civil Engineering, India (2014)
Research Interests :
3D printed fiber reinforced polymer composites, 3D printed polymer composites testing, additive manufacturing, nanotechnology in cementitious materials, acoustic bandgap materials, phononic crystals, cement and cementitious materials, material characterization

Daniel Heras Murcia
Graduate Research Assistant, (PhD)
BS, University of Granada (Spain), 2014
MS, Technical University of Madrid (Spain), 2015
Research Interests:
Wellbore integrity and reparation, Structural Engineering, Nanotechnology applied to new composites materials, smart and self-healing materials, polymer nanocomposites, numerical methods applied to structural analysis.

Yang Yang
PhD, Nanoscience and Microsystems Engineering, University of New Mexico, Present
MS, Materials science and Engineering, University of Florida, 2018
BS, Materials science and Engineering, Iowa State University, 2016
Research Interests:
Synthesis and characterization of polymers and composites
Smart and self-healing nanomaterials development

Mohammed Jaradat
Graduate Research Assistant, (PhD)
BS, Jordan University of Science and technology, 2011
MS, University of Mississippi, 2014
Research Interests:
Composite Materials
Resilient Structures
Stochastic Processes
Nano materials

Angel Padilla
Undergraduate Research Assistant (BS)
Research Interests:
Testing methods for composite materials
Concrete design and applications

Patience Raby
Undergraduate Research Assistant, (BS)
Research Interests:
Improving Concrete Infrastructure
Resilient Structures
Structural Engineering