Funding Agencies

Total funding since 2004 – $12,735,081. Example Recent Funded Projects:

EAGER: Engineering A Low-Cost Recycled Carbon Fiber Composite

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High-Resolution X-Ray Diffractometer for Advanced Epitaxial Thin-Film and Nanoscale Materials Characterization

Engineering Viscoelastic Behavior of Deployable FRP Composites Using Nanoparticles

Smart Structural Health Monitoring of Aerospace Structures

Multi-scale Topological Optimization for Next Generation Impact-Tolerable Composites

Next Generation Composites Using Surface Grown Carbon Nanotubes

Wellbore Seal Repair Using Nanocomposite Materials

Railroad Bridge Inspections for Replacement Prioritization Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with 3D Laser Scanning Capabilities


Post-Construction Monitoring of FRP Strengthening System at Bridge 7937, Tucumcari, New Mexico

Pre-Incident Indicators Analysis

Integrating Structural Modeling and Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Modeling Time Dependent Behavior of Knee Ligaments

Examining Short and Long Term Properties of Self Consolidating Concrete

Louisiana State University Transportation Center- Transportation Consortium of South-Central States (Tran-SET)

Field Implementation of Fatigue Enhanced Polymer Concrete Incorporating Nanomaterials

Correlating damage, fracture and permeability enhancement in rocks subjected to high strain rate loading

Acoustic Contrast Cement Using Carbon Nanotubes

A New Generation of Polymer Concrete with Improved Impact and Fatigue Strength Using Carbon Nanotubes

High Velocity Impact Testing Equipment for Blast Tolerant Composites